Hello Friends, 
This is Venkat.

I am just an ordinary person (self-taught freelancer & hard working) who is constantly reasearching several online businesses and passive income sources. 

I am not a guru or a mentor, just a friend who wants to guide and help you succeed in your own business.

If you think that making money online is a piece of cake then my friend you are in the wrong place. Yes, people will tell you the same, but these people want to sell you something. Yes, I agree its easy, but it takes continuous learning and implementation. But honestly, the feeling of financial freedom and other benefits are worth it. I will try my best to guide and help you start an online business from scratch.

It takes time; Do not expect to work for a few days and then make a lot of money. It will take time, just like a plant does not grow in one day, you need to nurture and take care of your online business to make it successful and make it big.

It takes a lot of time to generate a passive income. It’s NOT easy, as you think. As you know, Nothing in life comes easy. Making money online is not something different. Most of the online entrepreneurs, internet marketers and YouTubers will try to convince you that it’s easy. Why? Because they know, you don’t know anything about earning money online and gives you false hopes. 
I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the real information you need.

It is NOT possible to generate passive income overnight. I don’t believe in quick rich schemes and even cannot teach you to generate a passive income in a night. My first online income source is Freelancing. And I am still researching for other sources of Income.
You need a good patience if are creating a blog, website, store and a youtube channel, But if you work hard, then it will be “quick”.
It’s NOT Impossible to generate passive income. It was just a dream for me until 2017 to generate a passive income. I always want to work online without a boss, I bet on myself by trying to make my dream a reality. And you know what happens? It’s totally awesome and the dream came true! and I get to stay at home with my family, work when I want, and make my own decisions. This lifestyle is possible, and I want you to experience it too.
The only goal of this Blog is, I hope we all succeed in reaching our goals.



Welcome! Hello Friends,  This is Venkat. I am just an ordinary person (self-taught freelancer & hard working) who is constan...